4 Ingredient Formula For Building A Successful Business

There are a lot of great and thoughtful things you can do to build a business. But we both know it’s not the things you can do, it’s the things you should do that matter most. Better yet, it’s the things you should do that you can accomplish with the least amount of effort. Thankfully, there are four things that meet this criterion.

There are only four things you really need to do be build a successful business – and here they are:

Tell Me Why I Should Do Business With You. If I’m not clear on what you do and I benefit from what you do, I have little chance of being your customer. Tell me in plain, simple, and clear language what I get out of being your customer. Don’t be afraid to insult me with simplicity. Fear me not getting it and never buying from you.

Tell Me Why I Should Believe A Word You Say. We don’t know each other well enough for me to trust you. Convince me you’re real – accomplishments, testimonials, awards, pedigree, guarantees, etc.

Make Me An Offer. Ask me to purchase. Better, ask me to purchase soon. Give me something for acting today. Tell me…if you do this, I will do that. Then do it.

Don’t Take Me For Granted. Once I’m a customer, don’t leave me. Make my purchase the beginning of a relationship. Ask for testimonials and referrals. And give me something for them – special offers, advance purchases, preferred service, etc. Make me an evangelist for your business.

There are four things that are guaranteed to boost your sales and make you more money. Are there other things you can do? Sure, but these four get you farther to making more money than any others, maybe all others combined.

If you were to add the fifth ingredient to building a successful business, what would it be? Why?

David Lee

David Lee

David is a serial entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. He has built and exited successful businesses and is now focused on investing. He holds a master's in business administration from the University of California, Berkeley.