Always Write When Either Angry Or Drunk – And Numerous Other Ways To Screw Up Your Business

Building a successful blog really isn’t that different than building a successful business. If you think about it, the blogosphere looks strikingly similar to the entrepreneurial landscape – a lot of new business never take hold, some reach mediocre success, a small handful become the F500. Most remain mom and pop shops.

It’s the same with blogs. Thousands of new blogs emerge daily, some take hold, a few grow huge audiences, most stay small and never really take hold. Hopefully this blog is one the few that rise in prominence 🙂 Similarities in building successful blogs and businesses include the need to define your offering, target an audience, serve the needs of your customers (readers), offer something compelling to your customer’s interest, etc. Further similarities include basics of business success such as the the need to be honest, be responsive, be available, maintain your quality, etc.

There is an awful lot written about meaningful ways to grow a business and a blog – the blogosphere and the web are full of posts on tactics and strategies to be successful. But what about things to avoid? What are the sure fire things you can do to ruin your business…and your blog?

Darren Rowse of ProBloger offers 9 Ways to Screw Up Your Professional Blog. While written for those that depend on blogs for a living (or hope to), his list is equally appropriate for things to remain cautious of in building most any business. If you believe business is about people and that serving the needs, wants, desires, and expectations of people is most important in business success…and you believe building relationships with your customers is important…then read Daren’s post and heed his advice.

Is there anything left off Darren’s list?