Business Cards – Your Brand Message

It’s time for a new business card. So I set about creating a new design.

When I first opened my business I used the title President – because, I mean how cool is that, right? Of course I’m also the bookkeeper, and janitor, but I didn’t make cards up for those roles.

My tag line was Writing with the Reader in Mind – because I feel passionately about that. But it didn’t tell anyone anything. Everybody THINKS they write with the reader in mind.

When those 1,000 cards were done, I changed my title to Professional Writer and got rid of the tag line (however, not in my heart – I still feel strongly) and added the words:

Concise, Complete & Compelling Corporate Communications.

Yep – I grabbed on the to letter “C” and held on for dear life.

I would give people my card and they’d say – oh, a writer – what do you write.

It still wasn’t doing the trick.

So now I’m trying again – third time’s the charm, right?

Above is a picture of the latest design, although I’m gun shy and haven’t printed and here’s why.

Your business card should reflect your brand message. And although this card now gives examples of what I do and a benefit statement: words people read, does it tell enough?

Here’s the test. You go to a networking event and give and receive cards. When the event is over and you empty your pocket of all the cards – which ones do you keep? I found a great article today called Does Your Business Card Pass the Trash Test.

It brings up several great points – too many colors, cheap paper, no clear message. Yet, how fancy do you want to be?

In a related article, Is An Unusual Business Card Right For You., the author Diane Ratliff asks some interesting questions.

My brother, owner of a graphic firm that designs and builds convention booths, is a firm believer of unique sized business cards.

Several others have said – you should have a two-sided card. I attended a meeting where the owner of a flooring company used flooring sample pieces for their business card. I know a marketing person who strung a wired ribbon bow through the corner of each of her cards.

What’s a girl to do?

So tell me, what does your business card look like? More importantly, when you attend a networking event – what type of card gets your attention and earns the right to a place in your Rolodex file?