Revisiting an Old Idea For New Customers

Remember when we let our fingers do the walking through the yellow pages? The television commercial showed a pair of fingers dressed in a white glove, walking their way through all of the company information that can be found in the wealth of knowledge that is the Yellow Pages.

Today, in our world of technology, the new Yellow Pages is Craig’s List. Yes, I know you are aware of Craig’s List. Here you thought you were going to be reading something new and fresh.

Well, sometimes it pays to revisit old information and look at it from a different perspective.

As a business, offering a service that can be provided to customers anywhere, I have been known to periodically visit Craig’s List in a series of cities around the country to see what job opportunities abound.

It serves a few purposes:

1. I am quickly reminded of how few jobs of interest there are available and it makes me grateful for my business.

2. It’s fun to virtually travel around the country and see what’s happenin’ in “your neck of the woods.”

3. It is a great place to find free lance work.


I have developed a letter than can be easily customized that I can quickly send to any free lance opportunities that I find on Craig’s List.

Alan Weiss, Ph.D., noted Business Consultant, says that you should spend at least 50% of your week seeking new work or marketing your brand.

I submit that perusing a few cities each week on Craig’s List for free lance opportunities is a great way to expand your customer opportunities beyond your own backyard.

Give it a try.

Craig’s List.