Turn That Frown Into an Action Item

What do you complain about in your business world? Is there something you dread doing? Is there something hanging over your head that keeps you from smiling and enjoying life?

This past week my mentor, Norma Rist offered a way to get those cranky monkeys off our back.

“First write down three things that are bugging you – three things you don’t like or are resisting.”

I hate making cold calls to prospective customers.

The reality is, if there is something in our life that is making us grumpy – keeping us up at night – it is keeping us from being productive.

“Next – rewrite those statements into action items.”

I will make cold calls to prospective customers.

It just sounds more positive when you make it an action item, doesn’t it?

“Last, attach a measurement and a time frame to it.”

I will make cold calls to prospective customers every Tuesday and Thursday from 2-3pm.

I love it. Now I can put it on my calendar and forget about it until it pops up. I can do anything for an hour, even something I hate, so now I have taken a burden, a task that I’m not comfortable with and turned it into an action item that I can live with. And if I stick to it – it will help to grow my business.

It’s a beautiful thing. Okay – so don’t call me between 2-3 today because I’ll be making cold calls.

So what have you been frowning about lately? Can you turn it into an action item?

David Lee

David Lee

David is a serial entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. He has built and exited successful businesses and is now focused on investing. He holds a master's in business administration from the University of California, Berkeley.